Internet Loading Business

WIN has developed a unique business opportunity that is affordable and easy to manage. There are no franchise fees. You only need to pay your monthly membership fee of P388. With your store membership, you will get:

  • 1. A high-speed internet line worth P1,500 per month but only pay 388/month
  • 2. An internet loading business that pays you 10% commission
  • 3. Free use of unlimited internet for one device.
  • 4. More traffic to your store. While your customers are there for internet, sell them a beverage, snack or many other items that you carry

What we offer is an opportunity for you to start an Internet Loading Business or ILB right from your sari-sari store, small business or home. Customers come to you and load cash into their WIN account so they can do online transactions such as buy internet time or pay their utility bills. When they do, you earn service fees, ranging from P2 to P10 and an additional 10% commission whenever customers purchase internet time.


You will need a dedicated smartphone, tablet or laptop in your store to do transactions. We are working on a partnership with Abenson to help you purchase devices on installment with no credit card, so stay tuned.


You will need to Sign-up and register for a ILB account. You can do this once we have your high-speed internet line installed. Our representatives will help guide you on this.


  • 1. You will need to prefund your Merchant account with WIN. You can go to the nearest 7Eleven branch or use BDO Online banking. We are working on adding more merchant loading stations so stay tuned.
  • 2. The minimum load that you will need for the ILB is P500. This will ensure that you are able to accept sufficient amounts of cash to service your customers. Remember, if your merchant account runs out of funds, you cannot accept physical cash and earn a commission. If you choose to discontinue this service, any funds remaining in your Merchant account will be refunded to you.

To order internet connectivity, please call 0917-793-5335 so we can find out if we have internet facilities in your area.