Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Who is WIN?
    WIN is the company that operates We are a technology start-up with a mission to provide affordable and reliable internet access to households. Check us out at About Us.
  • 2. Where are your service areas?
    We are currently in Los Banos, Laguna and are currently rolling out in select cities within Metro Manila. We will post new sites as they become available under Locations. Our goal is to be in thousands of communities so let us know if your community is interested in being a service area.
  • 3. How fast and reliable is your internet service?
    How does 25 Mbps with unli data sound? If you are a sari-sari store or any type of small retail business, how would you like to be in the internet loading business and get a 25 Mbps fiber line for only P300.00. Yes, that’s right, that’s not a typo. Normally, if you call any internet provider, you would have to pay P1,500 per month or more. With our partnership with one of the leading internet providers, WIN can now bring affordable internet access to communities where fiber lines are available. Call us for details.
  • 4. How do I request service?
    Please call our Hotlines: 0917-793-5335 (Globe) and 0921-230-7255 (Smart) and provide us with your address.

    We will conduct a site visit to assess whether we can deliver service to your store. It takes approximately 10 days to install once we’ve determined that you are eligible for service. There is no cash out and no installation fees involved in the installation process. You only need to pay your monthly service fees on time.
  • 5. Is there a contract term?
    For our retail store members, we are able to offer great pricing because we know you can help us offer affordable internet access to your community. We ask that you hit and maintain a minimum sales level for us to continue serving you at discounted rates.
  • 6. I’m a store, how do I sell internet load?
    First, you will need your own smartphone or tablet stationed at the store. Next, you will need to prefund your merchant account with WIN. Once we have your fiber line installed, we will guide you on how to register your account with WIN. You can then go to any 711 or use BDO Online banking to load cash into your WIN merchant account and now you’re ready for business. We are working to add more merchant loading stations for your convenience, so stay tuned. There is a P500 minimum load to ensure that you have enough funds to service your customers.
  • 7. I’m a customer. How do I top-up/load for time?
    That’s easy. First, you will need to register for a WIN account at your nearest participating retail store. Next, you will load cash into your WIN account. Our participating retail stores can help you with this. Now that you have funds in your account, you can click on Buy Internet Time. Choose the number of hours you want to load into your account then click Submit. Go to User Guides, to follow the screens on how to top-up/load.
  • 8. Is there a penalty for pre-termination?
    For our user members, we offer a prepaid service so there are no pre-termination penalties. For our store members, we ask that you maintain a minimum sales level.
  • 9. What other value-added services do you provide?
    Go to our Pay Bills section which allows you to pay your utility bills from the comfort of your home. No more commuting to a bill center or bank. Save your valuable time and take care of your bills with just a few clicks.

    In addition, you can order from your favorite fastfood places without the need for a credit card by going to the Channels tab and clicking on Food Delivery. Simply pay for your order by loading cash into your online Account.

  • 10. What else can I do with my internet service?
    We recommend Skype for video calls to reach family members and friends abroad or domestically. They have a free and paid service. Try the free one.

    If you’re into Chat, download Viber or WhatsApp. No data charges since you are already paying for internet service.
  • 11. I’m a store. How do I avail of your service and sell your products?
    Please call us at: 0917-793-5335 or 0921-230-7255
  • 12. I’m a Brand and am interested in your program. Who do I contact for more info?
    Please contact our President directly at: Partnerships are his thing.